The NESA Network (NESAnet) is a network of professionals or individuals associated with New End School Association.

New End School has around 450 pupils.  If we add together their parents and their relatives living close by, they form a very large body of professionals.  They all possess skills gained through education, training or experience that given the right environment they can actively pursue as their main or secondary line of work.  Examples can be: an accountant offering Accounting services, an experienced mother offering Childcare services, a retired person with a lifelong interest in gardening offering gardening services and so on....

NESAnet aims to develop and facilitate an environment where individuals associated with the school will be able to advertise their skills.  At the same time, when our community members require the services of a particular professional (ie. an electrician, a babysitter, a lawyer ...), they will be able to find what they need using the body of existing advertisements.

This itself offers a degree of assurance regarding the quality of the service they will receive and the knowledge that the people involved will be around long after the task is concluded.

NESAnet also offers a great opportunity to start a new line of business that people did not attempt because they could not find the required outlets to promote their services, products and skills.  Really who wouldn’t like to buy a genuinely home-made marmalade or jam?  Who wouldn’t like to taste authentic Mediterranean deserts made by people originated from these countries who now live in our community?

With this in mind NESAnet would like to invite all the members of our community that have something to offer, to advertise their skills through our network pages.

At a very modest cost, which in most of the cases is recovered by your first trade, you can take advantage of our Directory or Banner presentations to promote your skills, the services or the products you offer.  Please visit  “Our Services”  section of our website for more information.